Keynotes and Workshops

Pricing in a Shifting Market  All houses are not created equal! Each area has mini markets within the larger area.  And they don’t all shift at the same time. As the market shifts, pricing a house can become more of a challenge.  Everyone wants to be sure they are getting a good value or a good price.  Many things can factor into coming to a good understanding of what price is “Just Right!”  Agents will learn to consider what parts of a house can translate into real dollars for a client and which parts don’t. Class includes information appraisers wish we knew. 2 or 3 hours CE

Meet the Sellers – This is an overview course to help agents succeed in the process of getting and selling listings. We will start from the first call to inquire, discuss the listing appointment, marketing the house and getting it to the closing table. 3 hours

Setting the Stage for Buyer Success – This is an overview course to help agents succeed with buyers. Helping buyers is a process of learning what they need, supplying the information they need, and it isn’t always listed properties, and helping them on the journey of self-discovery that is house buying. It starts with the initial meeting and gets to the point of choosing the house. 3 hours

Negotiate with Confidence – One of the greatest values agents bring to the transaction is their ability to negotiate on behalf of their clients to create a scenario of satisfaction. This course will help agents work with their clients through the whole process helping them understand their needs and priorities and how those fit into a negotiation strategy. We will also discuss market influences, ways to strengthen a position and what to do in a stalemate or difficult situation  3 hours

Fair Housing Made Relevant – Fair Housing applies to everyone in all aspects of real estate.  Sometimes agents are not aware of some of the practical ways that they can be aware of and avoid fair housing violations.  Agents need to provide equal service and opportunity to all people.  This class gives an overview of the Fair Housing laws, some of the most common violations, and some case studies to increase awareness.  And there are a few exceptions. Those will be discussed as well. 3 hours

Agent Technology Essentials   Technology is essential to our business and so natural to some areas of what we do.  There are some of us who move into areas of tech use very naturally and some who struggle.  Most software is so intuitive now that most people can adjust.  There are a myriad of options out there to choose from.  Which options are the most helpful and intuitive in our business?  This class will explain some of the most helpful and necessary types of software for real estate agents.  Move on from the excess and be connected where it is needful and make us more efficient.  2 hours

What’s Your Brand? Each agent needs to understand that they are a business and how they communicate that business’s services to people around them.  This class helps agents determine what their brand should be and how to advertise it legally and visibly. 3 hours

Joining or Starting a Team: Benefit or Burden – Real estate can be an all-encompassing business without structured hours.  A team system can alleviate some of that stress and create a better situation for clients and agents alike – or can it?  What are the benefits for the agent and the client in starting a team or joining a team?  And what are some of the potential problem areas?  We will look at the most important things to consider in being part of a real estate team.  Is it right for the agent?  Is it best for the client? 2 hours

Leadership Skill Essentials – Everyone has areas in their life where they lead.  And choosing to walk in a leadership position in an organization or in the community can be a terrific way to grow personally and in relationships.  We all have areas of strength and weaknesses.  This class discusses individuals personalities and strengths and how everyone can lead well in various areas of their lives, by focusing on their strengths and working with others to have a great team.  The class discusses personal disciplines that help people lead with confidence and results.  4 hours

Helping Buyers with New Construction – New Construction homes offer a lot of benefits to home buyers. Real estate agents need to see this as the major source of inventory that it is. The buyers are looking at the new construction and agents need to show the clients their value in helping the client purchase a new house. There is a lot to know about the process and how to work as a team with the builder, their listing agent and your client for a good experience for the client. This class will help agents understand more about new construction and how to help their clients move through the process as smoothly as possible. 3 hours

Basics for Building a Better Business – Being a Real Estate agent is owning your own small business.  Are you treating it as such?  This class goes over where the income and business come from, budgets, growth and professional standards for agents. 4 hours

7 Secrets to a Balanced Life for Agents  The pace of the American culture has increased at an exponential level and many Real Estate Agents who started this career because of the flexibility and ability to help people are finding out that their flexibility has turned their job into an 18 hour / 7 days a week a job, with people who aren’t sure they want to be helped. This has created a really high stress level amongst agents.  This message will help agents consider where they really want to be spending their time and how to manage that process with more success for everyone.  This program is available in 45 – 90 minute keynotes or a 3 hour workshop.

Sell, Don’t List:  Providing Top Notch Seller Service – Any agent can enter data into the MLS and offer a house for sale.  As a REALTOR, we have an obligation to serve our sellers and serve them well.  As their agent, we are their advocate in helping them sell their home according to their time frame and needs and netting them the most money possible with all things considered.  And we want to do this with as little stress and challenge as is necessary.  We will review how agents can and do provide great service to their clients. 1 hour

Realtor Property Resource Overview  – The AVMs, RVMs and showing consumers the difference course educates real estate professionals about  real estate market research and valuation tools that consumers can access online and the pros and cons of automated valuation models. (AVM)  The course covers how Realtors Property Resource® tools help real estate buyers and sellers make informed decisions, as well as how REALTORS® can combine their specific expertise with RPR Tools to benefit clients and customers before, during, and after the real estate transaction. 3 hours


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