Discussing Dementia and Tiny Houses – Join us!

Are there any people aging in your family?  Are you aging?  Okay!  We are all aging.  If we are honest with ourselves.  I have seen some pretty good cases of denial in my classes.  I get it.   Well, whether honest or in denial about ourselves, we all know our parents are aging.  

One of my favorite classes I teach is the Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation course for the National Association of Realtors.  This class helps agents prepare for the situations that come up uniquely with our elder clients.  Surprisingly there are many – situations with stuff management, legal concerns, health issues that affect housing, and financial needs.  Many of these require other professionals to help them, but Realtors are often the first point of contact for the client and it is hugely helpful when the Realtors have contacts to help their client.

Barbara Drum


The Boomers are changing the face of retirement and aging – not a surprise.  There are new options, challenges, and opportunities for agents working with Boomers and their Elders.  I am attaching a link to a webinar interview I did with Barbara Drum, a resident and Marketing Manager for The Village of Wildflowers near Asheville, NC.



Barbara lived out many of the things we discuss in our SRES classes.  We had a great interview about her life, which includes working in a Memory Care facility for patients with Dementia and Alzheimers, caring for parents with Dementia, and moving to a Tiny House community as an effective financial decision for a place to live in semi-retirement.

Enjoy this hour-long interview from a woman who has been on these journeys and shares them with great perspective, interest and laughter.

You can see the Tiny House Community she lives in at http://thevillageofwildflowers.com.

Here is the link for the webinar if you are interested.  I hope you enjoy it and learn some great things.  

New EPro is a Great Class!

The new EPro class from NAR has been released.  This is the class you have been wanting and needing about social media.  The class covers important, strategic information that Real Estate agents might not even know they need!  And they do need it.  Planning and managing social media is the leap from just having fun and being able to connect with people and using it constructively where you can grow in areas of interest and business.  If you want to have a better understanding of your presence on the internet, or lack of, come to this class to take the next step.   The NAR EPro Instructors had a great day learning the course in Wichita with some of the course developers, Amy Chorew and Ginger Wilcox.  I am really looking forward to teaching this class and helping agents get their online strategy going!

EPro Class Developers at SMMI, Amy Chorew and Ginger Wilcox

EPro Class Developers at SMMI, Amy Chorew and Ginger Wilcox

New and Updated ABR Class

I have been taking the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council recertification class today for the Accredited Buyers Representative class. The new class is a good redo of the materials. It is helpful for instructors to teach in different states. The agency laws change from state to state and even when they are similar, they are called something different. This is a good change. It also includes the same great material for all agents who work for Buyer’s. Ready to go out and help some agents better serve their clients!